Polaroidblipfoto Clone

Polaroidblipfoto Clone

Polaroidblipfoto (.com) is a popular image share website. A Web site used to store and share photos. Users upload their pictures to the site, which are stored on the server and made available to friends and family via personal Web pages. Photo sharing has become increasingly popular in recent years as a means for individuals or organization to publish their digital images online. As a result, some of the photo sharing sites that host these images have become useful sources of free or low-cost images. A photo sharing site is one which provides the means for a user to upload their digital images saved in a common image format such as JPEG, GIF or PNG) to a third party online server. Photo-sharing websites offer services such as uploading, hosting, managing and sharing of photos (publicly or privately). The term can also be applied to the use of online photo galleries that are set up and managed by individual users, including photo blogs. Sharing means that other users can view but not necessarily download the photos.

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Proposed Features

  • 100% Secured.
  • Email Support (Lifetime).
  • FREE Updates (Lifetime).


  • Login With Facebook, LinkedIn, Gmail, Twitter.
  • Simple SignUp Process.
  • Personal / Business Account Registration.
  • Create unlimited boards.
  • Upload unlimited pins.
  • Upload pin by browsing computer.
  • Upload pin from the other boards.
  • Upload pin from the other websites.
  • Edit/Delete Boards.
  • Edit/Delete Pins.
  • View Others profile and pins.
  • Follow Any User or Their All boards.
  • Follow individual boards.
  • Check other user’s Details and sort by board, pins, likes, followers and their following profiles.
  • Comment on any pins.
  • Notifications on pin, comments, follows.
  • Create your own secret board.
  • Invite Your Followers on Secret boards.
  • Search by Pin details, Board Names and pinner’s names.
  • Sort pins by Categories.
  • Deactivate Account.
  • Edit Emails Address And Password.
  • Edit Email notifications.


  • Add/Edit/Delete Admin Email.
  • Add/Edit/Delete Admin Username.
  • Add/Edit/Delete Admin Password.
  • List of users.
  • See user details with active and inactive status of user.
  • One Click User status Change.
  • Check Board List & board details of individual user.
  • Check All Board List and complete details of the board.
  • Check All Pin List and complete details of the Pin.
  • See all followers and following details.
  • Analyse all likes, all Repins and all Comments of individual pins.
  • Check Secret table invitations.
  • Refine Search : Search By user name ,Board name.
  • Add/Edit/Delete Category for pins.
  • Add/Edit/Delete FAQ category.
  • Add/Edit/Delete FAQ Question and answers FAQ category vise.
  • Complete CMS system to edit all contents of the website.
  • Edit Your social media details.

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