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Ez About Clone v6.34 is a CMS Software developed as a news broadcasting portal. This product is considered as the best in this category.
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Product Description

An online newspaper is the online version of a newspaper, either as a stand-alone publication or as the online version of a printed periodical. At first, news websites were mostly archives of print publications. An early online newspaper was the Electronic Telegraph, published by The Daily Telegraph. The release of web browser Netscape made news sites accessible to more people. The internet has massively expanded the sheer volume of news items available to one person. The speed of news flow to individuals has also reached a new plateau.

About.com is an American Internet-based network of content that publishes articles and videos about various subjects on its "topic sites", of which there are nearly 1,000. It is operated by About, Inc. (formerly The Mining Company, MiningCo.com, Inc., and About.com, Inc.). The website competes with other online resource sites and encyclopedias. By March 2014, 61,428,000 unique visitors were registered by comScore for About.com, making it the 16th-most-visited online property during that month. As of August 2012, About.com is the property of IAC, owner of Ask.com and numerous other online brands, and its revenue is generated by advertising.

The About.com website was re-launched in September 2014, following a significant redesign that expanded upon the new homepage that debuted in July 2014. Based on an analysis of the needs of both users and advertisers, the redesign sought to create an improved user experience and facilitate social sharing, including the addition of social media buttons. The company also plans to use a newly created video-production studio to deliver a larger volume of corresponding content in 2015.

Ez About Clone is a popular Content Management System developed as a news broadcasting portal. This product is considered the best in category. We offer extensive customization (design and development) of this product at minimum charges.

This product can be further customized to launch a website like Greenwichtime, Gladwin, Thehour, Tamilnet, Naplesnews, Dailynebraskan, 5dariyanews, Atlantamagazine etc.

Main Features

We are super excited to share the features included in the latest release. Once you try the demo we know you'll love it. There will be even more features available in the future.

  • 100% Secured.
  • Email Support (3 Years).
  • FREE Updates (3 Years).
  • Unlimited Categories, Sub- categories, types, articles and FAQs Categories.
  • Video and image upload.
  • CMS System.
  • Editable About Us, Contacts, Privacy and terms Pages.
  • Editable FAQ System.
  • Customizable design.
  • Ajax based interface.
  • Easy Searchable Information.
  • Polling System.
  • Logo Design (Paid Add-on).
  • Banner Design (Paid Add-on).
  • Infographic Presentation (Paid Add-on).
  • SEO Service (Paid Add-on).
  • Promotional Video (Paid Add-on).
  • Shared Hosting (Paid Add-on).
  • Android App (Paid Add-on).
  • IOS APP (Paid Add-on).

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Once you try the demo we know you'll love it. Please contact our support team for an enhanced, fully customized version, tailor-made to your requirements.



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