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Welcome to iTechScripts.com

Ambit Technologies (P) Ltd. iTechScripts doesn't offer identical copies of any website. All the products listed below are painstakingly developed by our highly skilled developers and software engineers.

Ez Pinterest Clone 4.13^

Pinterest Clone Ez Pinterest v4.13 is the finest Ajax based pinning cum networking software developed in PHP/MySQL. You can easily launch your portal in minutes.
Ez Pinterest Clone 4.13

Ez Indiamart Clone 4.13^

Indiamart Clone Ez Indiamart v4.13 is a versatile web solution for the webmasters who are willing to launch their own B2B Portal within a few minutes.
Ez Indiamart Clone 4.13

Human Resource Management 7.81^

Human Resource Management HR Manager v7.81 is a popular HR solution designed to ensure effective monitoring of the HR department. It is extremely user-friendly.
Human Resource Management 7.81

Ez Care Clone 2.42^

Care Clone Ez Care Clone v2.42 is the best solution to launch a portal for hiring people for babysitting and other care giving services in a hassle free manner.
Ez Care Clone 2.42

Ez Shaadi Clone 5.62^

Shaadi Clone Ez Shaadi Clone v5.62 is a powerful platform to launch a matrimony portal. This product is extremely popular among the new webmasters.
Ez Shaadi Clone 5.62

Ez Facebook Clone 2.79^

Facebook Clone Ez Facebook Clone v2.79 is the best available facebook clone software in the market. This enables you to operate your own social website.
Ez Facebook Clone 2.79

Ez Realtor Clone 2.97^

Realtor Clone Ez Realtor Clone v2.97 is a robust platform for launching real-estate portals. This script is currently available under a special pricing of US$199.
Ez Realtor Clone 2.97

Ez Etsy Clone 4.93^

Etsy Clone Ez Etsy Clone v4.93 is surely the best eCommerce solution developed in standard PHP/MySQL. It's an awesome product packed with several amazing features.
Ez Etsy Clone 4.93

Ez Yellow Pages 6.05^

Yellowpages Clone Ez Yellow Pages v6.05 is the most versatile classifieds software that can be used as a yellow pages portal. Now you can easily launch a Yellow pages website.
Ez Yellow Pages 6.05

Ez Paypal Clone 8.32^

Paypal Clone Ez Paypal Clone v8.32 is the best available stand alone payment gateway solution with the highest level of e-security and anti hacking technology.
Ez Paypal Clone 8.32

Ez Thumbtack Clone 4.92^

Thumbtack Clone Ez Thumbtack v4.92 is designed to launch an online market place for professionals from different walks of life. Please try this product.
Ez Thumbtack Clone 4.92

Ez Ebay Clone 6.34^

Ebay Clone Ez Ebay v6.34 is the best standard auction product. This also comes pre-integrated with a robust Multi-Vendor interface and a powerful CMS panel.
Ez Ebay Clone 6.34

Multi Vendor Cart 7.78^

Multi Vendor Multi Vendor Cart v7.78 is the best multiple vendor script. It's an ecommerce processing system with a complete order/ shipping management system for the sellers. Try now!
Multi Vendor Cart 7.78

School Management Software 2.62^

School Management Software SMS v2.62 is a versatile software designed to manage the students, teachers & other employees to ensure effective management of a school.
School Management Software 2.62

Ez Craigslist Clone 3.76^

Craigslist Clone Ez Craigslist Clone v3.76 is one of the most reliable web classifieds software. It helps you to manage the products you are dealing with.
Ez Craigslist Clone 3.76

Ez Amazon Clone 6.34^

Amazon Clone Ez Amazon Clone v6.34 offers a robust eCommerce platform. The script has been designed to deliver all major features required to run an eCommerce website.
Ez Amazon Clone 6.34

Ez Freelancer Clone 4.98^

Freelancer Clone Ez Freelancer Clone v4.98 is the best reverse auction script available online. Just install the product to launch your website within minutes. Please try the product now. Try now!
Ez Freelancer Clone 4.98

Hospital Management Software 2.62^

Hospital Management Software HMS v2.62 is designed to handle all the requirements in reception, patient department, doctor's appointment and so many other responsibilities.
Hospital Management Software 2.62

Ez LinkedIn Clone 7.97^

Linkedin Clone Ez LinkedIn Clone v7.97 is the most professionally coded corporate networking solution. It enables you to launch your own website in minutes.
Ez LinkedIn Clone 7.97

Ez About Clone 6.13^

About Clone Ez About Clone v6.13 is a CMS Software developed as a news broadcasting portal. This product is considered as the best in this category.
Ez About Clone 6.13

Project Management Software 2.41^

Project Management Software Project Manager v2.41 helps you to significantly reduce the obstacles in managing multiple projects simultaneously with a high degree of precession.
Project Management Software 2.41

Ez Youtube Clone 4.79^

Youtube Clone Ez Youtube Clone v4.79 is the best audio/ video sharing portal. You can easily deploy the software and launch your own video sharing portal in moments.
Ez Youtube Clone 4.79

Ez OLX Clone 7.12^

Olx Clone Ez OLX Clone v7.12 is the best classifieds software. Try this script and present yourself with a robust digital platform.
Ez OLX Clone 7.12

Ez IMDB Clone 7.22^

Imdb Clone Ez IMDB Clone v7.22 is again available for purchase. This is undoubtedly the finest movie portal. Check out the new exiting features.
Ez IMDB Clone 7.22

Ez MakeMyTrip Clone 9.20^

Makemytrip Clone Ez MakeMyTrip Clone v9.20 is an excellent script created for the travel agencies across the globe. The script is coded in PHP/ MySQL and is highly customizable by admin.
Ez MakeMyTrip Clone 9.20

Inventory Management Software 3.62^

Inventory Management Software Inventory Manager v3.62 offers a number of inventory, manufacturing and purchasing related capabilities to improve the supply chain mechanism and real-time monitoring.
Inventory Management Software 3.62

Ez Groupon Clone 6.44^

Groupon Clone Ez Groupon Clone v6.44 is a versatile daily deal software developed in PHP/ MySQL. It's the perfect software for all new website owners and users.
Ez Groupon Clone 6.44

Ez Twitter Clone 2.39^

Twitter Clone Twitter Clone v2.39 is
the best available PHP clone
of Twitter available online. It comes with a host of stylish features and new modules.
Ez Twitter Clone 2.39

Ez Imgur Clone 4.92^

Imgur Clone Ez Imgur Clone v4.92 enables you to launch your very own media sharing portal in minutes. It's absolutely the best solution in the category. Please try this product.
Ez Imgur Clone 4.92

Support Management Software 3.62^

Support Management Software Support CRM v3.62 is a software suite that enables customer support or support executives to receive, process and respond to support tickets and archive the records for future references.
Support Management Software 3.62

Ez Quibids Clone 13.14^

Quibids Clone Ez Quibids Clone v13.14 is surely the best penny auction software coded in PHP/ MySQL. The current version is offered at a special discounted price.
Ez Quibids Clone 13.14

Swoopo Gold 11.22^

Swoopo Clone Swoopo Gold v11.22 is a robust Penny-auction script & user-management software developed in PHP/MySQL.
Swoopo Gold 11.22

Ez Monster Clone 8.98^

Monster Clone Ez Monster Clone v8.98 is the best online job portal script that comes packed with tons of surprising features. The recent version of is extremely stable and secure.
Ez Monster Clone 8.98

Ez Alibaba Clone 4.99^

Alibaba Clone Ez Alibaba Clone v4.99 is now available with tons of new features. There are also many improvements in the existing features. Try now!
Ez Alibaba Clone 4.99

Social Networking

  • User Profile
  • Import Images
  • Search Friends
  • Unlimited Pin
  • Create Board
  • Login Via Facebook
  • Unlimited Images

B2B Portal

  • Image Upload
  • Company Listing
  • Sell Request
  • Email Alert
  • Purchase Leads
  • Microsite Feature
  • Internal Messaging
  • Buy Request

HRM Software

  • Vendors Details
  • Company Details
  • Training Scheduled
  • Asset details
  • Leave Rules
  • Employee Profile
  • Overtime Details

Caregiver Portal

  • Membership Packages
  • Email Alert
  • Background Check
  • Parent Profile
  • Sitter Profile
  • Search Sitter
  • Internal Messaging
  • Family Information

Matrimony Portal

  • Advance Search
  • Internal Messaging
  • Photo Privacy
  • Partner Profile
  • Success Stories
  • Membership Packages
  • Express Interest
  • Alert Manager

Social Networking

  • Private Posting
  • Update Status
  • Block Users
  • Like Images
  • Cover Images
  • Private Chat
  • Add Advertisements

Real Estate

  • Direct Payment
  • Buy/ rent Properties
  • Agent Login
  • Unlimited Images
  • Upload Video
  • Agent Subscription
  • Custom FAQ
  • Save Searches

Shopping Cart

  • User Inbox
  • Direct Payment
  • User Subscription
  • Unlimited Categories
  • Product Review
  • User Store
  • Upload Images

Yellow Pages Script

  • Unlimited Categories
  • Facebook Login
  • Ad review
  • Upload Photo
  • Unlimited Images
  • Different Cities
  • Ad rating
  • Comment System

Payment Gateway

  • Bank Remittance
  • Paypal Integrated
  • API For Payments
  • Add Pages
  • Deposit Funds
  • Editable FAQ
  • Send Invoice

Market Place

  • Messaging System
  • Profile Creation
  • Paypal Integrated
  • Select Provider
  • Customer Rating
  • Search Jobs
  • Invite Quotation

Standard Auction

  • Review System
  • Question/ Answer View
  • Bonus System
  • Auction/ Direct Sell
  • User-Store subscription
  • Admin Commission
  • Unlimited User-level

Multi-Vendor Cart

  • Buyer Watchlist
  • Unlimited Categories
  • User Review
  • Unlimited Images
  • Virtual Payments
  • User Subscription
  • Credit System

School Management

  • Manage Library
  • Holiday List
  • Manage Students
  • Marks Gradation
  • Transport List
  • Class Routine
  • Employee Permission

Classifieds Portal

  • Bad Word Filter
  • Email Verification
  • Unlimited Categories
  • Featured Ad
  • Insert Video
  • Add Custom Fields
  • Abuse Reports
  • Anonymous Posting

Shopping Cart

  • Virtual Payments
  • Add to Wishlist
  • Buyer Watchlist
  • Unlimited Images
  • Credit System
  • User Subscription
  • User Review

Reverse Auction

  • Messaging System
  • Resume Creation
  • Ajax Based Interface
  • Instant Alerts
  • Escrow System
  • Membership Levels
  • Project Posting
  • Upload Portfolio

Hospital Management

  • Doctor's Account
  • Birth Report
  • Manage Blood Bank
  • Create Prescription
  • Upoad Reports
  • View Appintment
  • Manage Departments

Business Net

  • Paid User Addon
  • Album Creation
  • Group Creation
  • Instant Alerts
  • Profile Creation
  • Job Posting
  • Messaging System

Article Script

  • Unlimited Categories
  • Poll System
  • Table-less Format
  • Video Upload
  • Photo Upload
  • Unlimited Types
  • Customizable Templates
  • CMS System

Project Management

  • Message System
  • Attach Files
  • View Status
  • Notification System
  • Email Alert
  • Graphical Display
  • Project List

Video Share

  • Editable Design
  • Multi Format Upload
  • Ajax based interface
  • Video Upload
  • Unlimited Channels
  • Unlimited Categories
  • Create Channels

Classifieds Script

  • Upload Photo
  • Different Currency
  • User Profile
  • Unlimited Categories
  • Facebook Login
  • Comments System
  • Youtube video

Movie Portal

  • Image Upload
  • News Section
  • Facebook Login
  • Top-rated Movies
  • Upcoming Movies
  • Profile Creation
  • Video Upload

Online Reservation

  • Cancel Booking
  • Encoded Password
  • Flight Booking
  • Search System
  • Unlimited Images
  • Customizable Design
  • Custom pages

Inventory System

  • Notice Section
  • Stock Register
  • Reporting System
  • Sale Invoice
  • Supplier Details
  • Customer Details
  • Private Message

Voucher Script

  • Unlimited Images
  • Multi-level Category
  • Google Login
  • Seller Review
  • Facebook login
  • Deal Ratecards
  • Referral Link


  • Easily Add Languages
  • User Feed
  • User Profiles
  • Lifetime Support
  • Follow User
  • Lifetime Upgrade
  • Customizable Design
  • Add Friends

Image Sharing

  • Rating System
  • Multi-level Comments
  • Image Rotation
  • Crop Image
  • Ajax Upload
  • User Comments
  • Drag and Drop

Support Management

  • Sale Invoice
  • Supplier Details
  • Notice Section
  • Customer Details
  • Private Message
  • Reporting System
  • Stock Register

Penny Auction

  • Future Auction
  • Easy Editable Design
  • 9 Auction Types
  • Buy Now System
  • Pause Timer At Night
  • Scratch Auction
  • Home Page Slider

Penny Auction

  • Ajax Interface
  • Smooth Timer Display
  • Affiliate/ Referral Module
  • Add Bid Credits
  • Multi Language
  • Closed Auction
  • Create Bid Package
  • Lifetime Support

Job Portal

  • Customizable Templates
  • Job Search
  • Custom Packages
  • Basic/ Advance Search
  • Unlimited Companies
  • File Upload
  • Lifetime Support
  • Resume Search

Web Classifieds

  • Usage Statistics
  • Multi-level Membership
  • Lifetime Support
  • Banner and Affiliate Ads
  • Product Image Gallery
  • Customizable Templates
  • Buy & Sell Offers
Inventory Management Software